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Your business's servers rely on your web application to be secure. If your internal database was SQL injectable how would you know? How important is the data in that database? Our team will discover the faults in your web application, from SQL injection to cross side scripting attacks, you name it we cover it.

Does your web application use cryptography, to protect credit card data, for example? Do you use SSL? How about VPN's, Certificates, or Smart Cards? Have our experts in crypto implementation and deployment come in and assess your implementation. Make sure your security investment in cryptography is working in the best possible manner.

Moving your services to the cloud can make a lot of sense and allow for the perfect blend of scalability and affordability. But is this exposing you to more risk than you're aware of? ONZRA has deployed, tested, and worked inside the cloud since it's inception and we know the pitfalls and easily made mistakes that could end up in compromise.

When assessing the security of the network, experience is the most valuable resource. Why have average players, when you can have the all star team on your audit? We're talking about the very best in the industry. From your web presence to internal network devices, we can help clarify your security posture.

Does your business rely on the secure delivery and transport of content that if leaked could cost millions? We have a custom auditing service and methodology focused specifically on the discovery and security of pre-theatrical, pre-DVD, and pre-air content that if leaked could impact financial revenue in a big way. Don't lose sleep wondering who can access and distribute your companies media assets.

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ONZRA has been the perfect technology partner. Their strengths in creative architectural web design and simplistic approach to complex scenarios has improved our technology greatly. We have always been impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism. Whether it is taking a new concept to full deployment or responding to a disaster recovery, their approach has been methodical, precise and successful. Also, their expertise has been leverage with our company in so many ways from strategic product development, database schema, web design, disaster recovery planning, security audits, to basic coding. I have complete confidence in our continued partnership with ONZRA.
Shirley Nickels