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With Apache's Cassandra Distributed Database in use by some of the most scaleable websites, (Digg, Facebook, and Twitter) it is becoming a more and more popular option for environments where a RDBMS is no longer a viable option. ONZRA is highly trained and experienced with Cassandra and has architected & developed various applications using the platform. If your company is wondering if Cassandra is right for your company or if you need help architecting or developing your product, ONZRA is here for you.

ONZRA focuses on industrial grade development consulting services and highly specialized security solutions. ONZRA has strategic partner relationships with many of the top security and development minds on the planet. These are the best of breed, industry movers and shakers. You have read their books and used their tools; you may have even seen them speak at conferences around the world, such as Black Hat, RSA or OARC.

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