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Hollywood, CA (July 12, 2010) - ONZRA, a market leader in enterprise architecture and development, today introduced the addition of Apache Cassandra services. With Cassandra in use by some of the most notable large scale sites, Digg, Facebook, and Twitter, it is becoming a more and more popular option for environments where a RDBMS is no longer a viable option.

"More and more companies are moving to Cassandra to address scalability issues with their existing RDBMS architectures..." said Jose Avila, Director of Creative Development Services for ONZRA. "ONZRA is helping these companies make the most informed decisions on if Cassandra is right for them". ONZRA's Cassandra service offerings range from architecting new services to the actual product development.

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ONZRA's creative thinking about security and innovative attack strategies were extremely impressive. Their team has an amazing ability to discover vulnerabilities that other auditors had missed. It's obvious that ONZRA draws from a long background in security research using techniques developed in-house rather than a check list of best practices. We worked together to implement the needed remediation and the level of customer service I received was a great experience.
Aaron Markham
VP of Content Security